William's Doll Deluxe (2020 Remaster)

by Tadpoles

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Tadpoles’ 1990 cassette-only album, William’s Doll, was released in a a 20th anniversary remixed edition by Bakery Records for free digital download in February 2010. Wiliam's Doll Deluxe has been remastered for its 30th anniversary and now includes the original 1990 mix, also remastered, in all of its reverb-soaked lo-fi splendor as a bonus on our Bandcamp site only.

After the psychedelic eclecticism of William's Doll, Tadpoles switched gears and focused on the space rock/neo psychedelic pop genre for which they became known. William's Doll provides an early glimpse at some of the quirky weirdness behind the Tadpoles' paisley curtain.

From Tadpoles’ first album review in Factsheet Five #38, 1990:

“Exploring alternative pop, Tadpoles are Michael Kite on drums and Todd Parker playing guitar, synth, bass, samples and singing songs of a warped, dark, but often humorous character. Both effected and affected, the songs use chorused, harmonized and delayed vocals, false song starts, good witches, harsh parties and general oddity. Standouts include the sinister “Trips and Visits”, the extended band of “Fist Puppet”, the Legendary Pink Dots-like “Oops I Lost Your Mind” and the title tracks’ dense layers taunting William for his desires. The muffled quality of the tape is the only reservation I have with this excellent work of alternative song construction.”

And from:

Soundchoice #17, 1992

– WILLIAM’S DOLLI love it when this happens! I plop the tape into the Walkman and the music starts “Ah, thrash music, atonal, noise-fest…but wait…cut two has suddenly begun…wait, are we in 1967? Has someone put on the third side of Electric Ladyland?” Tadpoles are eclectic to say the least. They are also exceptionally inventive, creative and craft a sound that never ceases to amaze and amuse. I found myself smiling quite a bit while listening to this- the odd sounds popping out of nowhere, the strange segues, the fun lyrics. If these guys play live, the shows must be amazing. The cassette sound is a little on the thin side, but they play it well-utilizing the lo-fi sound quality. I’d love to hear these guys with a full-out balls to the walls sound system. It might be worth noting that theTadpoles are, in essence, two fellows with a few friends on backing vocals, banjo, flute, sax, etc.


released April 13, 1990

©1990/2010 Bakery Records/Tadpoles


all rights reserved



Tadpoles Hoboken, New Jersey

Tadpoles, based in Hoboken, NJ, disbanded in 2000 after releasing 4 critically acclaimed studio albums, 1 live album and 1 E.P. all on their own Bakery Records label (except for their last studio album, Whirlaway, which was released on Australia's Camera Obscura Records.) The group was formed by vocalist/guitarist, Todd Parker and original drummer, Michael Kite Audino in New York City in 1990. ... more

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Track Name: Trips And Visits (2010 Remix)
©1990 Parker, BMI
i hear you scream

you dream obscene

taking these trips and visits and the fear is gone

i'll visit your mother

i'll visit your brother

but i won't visit you at the funny farm

i hear you scream

lets go over

next to my place

taking these trips and visits then the fear is gone

come on along now

and bring your dolls

taking these trips and visits then the fear is gone

i'll visit your mother

i'll visit your brother

but i won't visit you at the funny farm

i hear you scream
Track Name: What Animal Am I (2010 Remix)
You keep telling me what an animal I am
I keep dreaming all without knowing when
My head is clear, can only see simple things
All over animals, that's all tomorrow brings
You're getting closer to telling me just who I am
The truth is I dream all without knowing when
What animal I am
Track Name: Upsy Downsy Land (2010 Remix)
Emil, he says it smell like gold
And digs his pockets deeper
Find he does a pocket watch
A patch of mold and spaghetti garden creeper

Upsy Downsy Land, Upsy Downsy Land
Everyone holds hands in upsy downsy land

Rachel feels like swimming now
And fills her glass with water
Shen then blow up yellow duck
An old brown cow
And is born their water daughter

Captain struck a hollow night
He beat wood with a bone
Here he was with bone in hand
A gleam in eye
Feet they made of stone

Sometimes when I'm seeing red
Sometimes when I'm out of my head
Sometimes when you see me frown
Some when you see a clown
Sometimes when I'm feeling dead
Sometimes when you're in my bed
You come around, you come around

You got me up, I'm feeling down
With one more dose, I'll stay around
In Upsy Downsy Land

©1990 Todd Parker, David Armamentos and Michael Kite Audino, BMI
Track Name: Unspin The Web (2010 Remix)
Ride a one way ticket to your head
Can't go on again, unspin the web
Should not have listened to the you said
Let me breathe, Unspin the web
Unspin the web

The words you wrote, I never read
Understand the blend, unspin the web
You cannot command this inside my head
Stranded yet again, unspin the web
Unspin the web

The smoke that saturates us
Blends with smells of fruit and keeps us thin
Here we plot with stencils, dirty fingers
And the girl that left us stranded yet again

©1990 Todd Parker, David Armamentos, Michael Kite Audino, BMI
Track Name: Fist Puppet (2010 Remix)
ts time to put on your socks and shoes
And dance away your daily blues
Doesn't matter if you refuse
You can be my fist puppet too

I've got bad eyes and I've got bad teeth
All that matters is what's beneath
My hand, its reaching under you
You can be my fist puppet too

A little ink man on your hand
With big button eyes that understand
You're real, you're right, you're something new
And you can be my fist puppet too
Sweaty sticky gummy mouth
You chew it up, it comes back out
You leave it there for me to find
I take this offering as a sign
That you're my fist puppet

©1990 Todd Parker, David Armamentos and Michael Kite Audino
Track Name: Heads And Tales (2010 Remix)
Aging the crawl of ages, she's busy with disease
Turning onto something that's way beyond here reach
There's a pill for this she needs to find
She's breaking down and calls it heads and tales

Searching, her fingers move you, she's coaxing sympathy
you're staring out the window and pushing her away
there's a pill for this you'd love to find
you break it down and call it heads and tales
Track Name: Bedside Intercom (2010 Remix)
Communication, call you on the telephone
Conversation, I don't want to be alone
Sensation of fixing up a hole again
Reservation, I'm gonna stick the needle in

Call my bedside intercome anytime you want to talk

I'm not waiting, tell me to come back next week
Body shaking, head can barely speak
You're moving over, move from place to place
I'm asking please, just want to see your face

Call my bedside intercom anytime you want to talk

©1990 Todd Parker and Michael Kite Audino, BMI
Track Name: Oops, I Lost Your Mind (2010 Remix)
©1989 Tony Mentzer, BMI
Look at you asleep so fine
Oops, I lost your mind
Colours sounding so sublime
Oops, I lost your mind
Open wide just one more time
Oops, I lost your mind
Feeling this way is no crime
Track Name: Let's Party (2010 Remix)
Let's Party
We want to party, we want to rock
No one's gonna make us stop
We want to drink, we want to drive
Don't want to come home alive, let's party
You watch us here, you know its true
No one really misses you
Here comes Billy, here comes Fred
Watch them party until they're dead
Let's go party, let's blow our minds
Let's go do it, let's waste some time
Let's party

They way we party, the way we live
If you want to have fun, you've got to give
Let's party
Track Name: William's Doll (2010 Remix)
When my friend William was five years old
He wanted a doll to hug and hold
A doll said William is what I need
To wash and clean and dress and feed
A doll to give a bottle to
And put to bed when day is throught

So his father bought him a basketball
A badminton set and that's not all
A bag of marbles, a baseball glove
And all the things a boy would love
And Bill was good at every game
Enjoyed them all but all the same
When Billy's father praised his skill
Can I please have a doll now
Said my friend Bill
Then William's grandma arrived one day
And wanted to know what he liked to play
And Bill said baseball's my favorite game
I like to play but all the same
I'd give my bat and ball and glove
To have a doll that I could love
How very wise his grandma said
Said Bill, but everyone says this instead
A doll, a doll William wants a doll
So William's grandma as I've been told
Bought William a doll to hug and hold
And William's father began to frown
But grandma smile and calmed him down, explaining
William wants a doll so when he has a baby someday
He'll know how to dress it, put diapers on double
And gently caress it to bring up a bubble
And care for his baby as every good father should learn to do
That's William's Doll

©Mary Rodgers and Sheldon Harnick
Interpolated by Todd Parker and Michael Kite Audino
Track Name: Mr. Kanan's Lullaby (2010 Remix)