Destroy Terrastock - Live

by Tadpoles

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Richard RR If you like Hawkwind you will like Tadpoles! Hot live album! Favorite track: At Least I'm Not Jonathan Carver (live).


Destroy Terrastock - Live (1998) is the only live album released on CD by Tadpoles. Upon original release, Bakery Records included a copy of Tadpoles Destroy Terrastock - Live with all mail-orders for Smoke Ghost. The album was later made available for sale on its own. Recorded live at the first Terrastock music festival on April 25-27, 1997 at The Rogue Lounge in Providence, RI. This recording contains Tadpoles entire set.

Terrastock review- “One of the most well-received bands were Hoboken’s Tadpoles..the most classically “psychedelic” of any band at the festival and the the same time, the most polished. “
–JERSEY JOURNAL (Jim Testa, May 3, 1997)

Terrastock review- “...Tadpoles succesfully crossed Pink Floyd and My Bloody Valentine.”
Various - Terrastock Review Highlights (1998)


released May 11, 1998

©1998 Tadpoles/Bakery Records

Destroy Terrastock - Live was recorded live to digital multi-track and was mixed by Tadpoles without additional overdubs. Album artwork and design was created by Ann Manca. The cover and title is a take on a bootleg album by Kiss called "Kiss Destroys Anaheim." Mastered by Todd Parker at dbs digital in Hoboken, NJ.


all rights reserved



Tadpoles Hoboken, New Jersey

Tadpoles, based in Hoboken, NJ, disbanded in 2000 after releasing 4 critically acclaimed studio albums, 1 live album and 1 E.P. all on their own Bakery Records label (except for their last studio album, Whirlaway, which was released on Australia's Camera Obscura Records.) The group was formed by vocalist/guitarist, Todd Parker and original drummer, Michael Kite Audino in New York City in 1990. ... more

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Track Name: Race You To The Mustard Patch (live)
Drop down and see it fall away

Climb up catch what they say

Drop down and be there fall away

Get up race you to the day

The only way

Get a little closer to the tone

Vibrate for everyone you know

When you stop you've never been away

Get up race you to the day

The only way
Track Name: When I Feel (live)
When I feel
I want to touch

When I do
I do too much

When I go
I go too far

What I want
I want more

I'm going to last a lifetime

I'm feeling frail

Dead afraid

Trapped, earthbound

Peace flew away

Arm in a sling

My broken wing

This day is gone

Thistle in my palm

I'm going to last a lifetime

Greet the new day

Feel a new way

Figure time

With math of mine

I glow and flow

I frost the glass

Feel electric

Big and blasting

Hobo a train

I can't fail

Boxcar free

Chug down the rails

Ride on wheels

Learn and yearn

I'm on fire

Feel me burn

I'm going to last a lifetime
Track Name: At Least I'm Not Jonathan Carver (live)
Aren't you tired of coming down

You want to float not be around

Aren't you tired

Aren't you tired

Aren't you tired like really wired

His name appeared in lights that day

Her neon dress began to fray

Don't you know what its like

Don't let it be an oversight

When you're lazy lying on some grass

Following all the dusty paths

You watch the sky slide past your face

When morning comes you've won the race

Then parachute land on the floor

You hit the ground feeling sore

Your knees buckle but you give it more

Step inside your first balloon

Blow it up and make it bloom
Track Name: Nazareth (live)

you're taking my mind

you're taking my money

you're taking your time


you're baking my mind

you're making me funny

you're making me blind


you're just like a train

thats going insane

thats leaving today


can you spare me a dime

i wanna get high

if i can't i might cry


c'mon make me a deal

i wanna feel real

for that i would kill


i love all your lights

they really shine bright mon

you're right out of sight


i'll take you to bed

a dream in my head

until i am dead


you're taking my mind

you're taking my money

you're taking your time
Track Name: Ride The World Around The Sun (live)
Ride the world around the sun with me

Pack all your things

Your ticket to ecstacy

Ride the world around the sun

Checking it out you're gonna have fun

Ride the world around the sun with me

Check it out and see what you can be
Track Name: Umbrella Smile (live)
just wondering

its alright to light this fire here

just wandering around

colliding senses

would you like to see
umbrella smiles

that last for a million years

just wondering

its alright to see your memories

just wandering around

colliding senses

would you like to be

umbrella smiling

through the darkest seas

come on
Track Name: Firecracker (live)
I believe in colors

So bright and full

So extreme

I believe in light

Florescent, candle

And the sun

It's not enough

To not be afraid of electricity

You've got to believe

You've got to believe

Give me your hums, your drums

Your drones and moans and

All the riches of your Gold Coast

Give me your wings, your web

Give me your heart and head

Give me your smoke ghost

The past is past, the future's best

I'm standing here

Ready for anything that comes
You and me will not

Go down in history

We'll just be disappeared and drowned

But, there's a lot of freedom out there

And I'm just trying for my piece

Oh, you've got to believe

You've got to believe

Show me your wrist, your lips, your kiss

Your needs and knees

Show me what you fear most
Show me your ankle, show me your elbow

Show me your anger

Show me your smoke ghost

Show me