Know Your Ghosts E​.​P.

by Tadpoles



Know Your Ghosts E.P. (1997) is a 4-song E.P. released on CD by Tadpoles. Upon original release, Bakery Records included a VHS copy of Tadpoles' music video for the song "Snapper" with all mail-orders. The video version of the song "Snapper" was included on the E.P. and was recorded in 1991 by Todd Parker and drummer, Michael Kite Audino. "Judas, This Is Jesus" is a remake of the Tadpoles' track originally released on the 1989 cassette-only album, Beautiful Music For Ugly Children and was recorded and produced by Mark Kramer (Shimmy Disc) at Noise New Jersey studio. "Know Your Ghosts" is the same recording that appears on the Smoke Ghost album. Tadpoles covered the Tony Mentzer song "Oops, I Lost Your MInd" previously on 1990's cassette-only album William's Doll (album). Tadpoles remade the tune again here with Tony Mentzer himself on lead vocals and The Waitresses' Chris Butler guest-drumming.

“Instead of giving into mere aural saturation and rhythm there is enough of a weird melody to each track to make the EP as listenable as Syd Barret-era Pink Floyd” –OUTSIGHT (, 1997)
“This Kramer produced EP sounds inspired by Mercury Rev. Not exactly new, but not bad at all, in a retro 90s manner” –INK 19 (March 19, 1998)
“There are all sorts of subtle goodies at work here, fusing airtight musicianship into a mind-blast that never takes itself too seriously...something for every psychedelic need.” –EYE (#13, 1998)
“They give you a taste of their unique brand of fuzzy psychedelia.” –FACTSHEET 5 (#53, 1998)
Various - Know Your Ghosts EP Review Highlights (1997)


released October 31, 1997

©1997 Tadpoles/Bakery Records

Know Your Ghosts E.P. is a compilation of recordings made between 1991 and 1997. Album artwork and design was created by Ann Manca. The cover painting is by Tadpoles' drummer, Adam Boyette. Mastered by Todd Parker at dbs digital in Hoboken, NJ.


all rights reserved



Tadpoles Hoboken, New Jersey

Tadpoles, based in Hoboken, NJ, disbanded in 2000 after releasing 4 critically acclaimed studio albums, 1 live album and 1 E.P. all on their own Bakery Records label (except for their last studio album, Whirlaway, which was released on Australia's Camera Obscura Records.) The group was formed by vocalist/guitarist, Todd Parker and original drummer, Michael Kite Audino in New York City in 1990. ... more

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Track Name: Know Your Ghosts
I used to see the truth inside of what you said

Instead of thinking you're a kid

But those days seem so far away

I can only vaguely remember

High tides, low tides come and gone

Two more mooncalves torn asunder

Save me a whistle in eighteen years

Or don't; its all the same to me

Know your ghosts and you will never be alone

Never be alone never be alone

Know your ghosts
Know your ghosts and you will never be alone

Never be alone never be alone

Know your ghosts
Track Name: Judas, This Is Jesus

This Is Jesus

It's raining silver

Help me
Track Name: Snapper (video version)
daffodilly petals are in bloom

the moment you walk into the room

and each time that i ask you to come in

your head puts my head into a spin

reaching unknown destinations tonight

ride with me i'll take you out of sight

confusion rules where once was sane

patterns in my brain spell out your name
his could be coming just in time

love you so much it blows my mind

ride with me i'll take you out of sight
Track Name: Oops, I Lost Your Mind
Look at you asleep so fine

Oops, I lost your mind

Colours sounding so sublime

Oops, I lost your mind

Open wide just one more time

Oops, I lost your mind

Feeling this way is no crime
Oops, I lost your mind